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                                    Are you in search of the best Single Stage Steam Turbine manufacturers in India? Call Today! Get Good Quality Service from top Steam turbine manufacturers.

NCON Produces the most complete range of single-stage turbines in the world for driving pumps, blowers’ compressors, producers and fans that are used in plants, chemical plants, sugar mills, paper mills, or any other facility that generates steam.

Industries Served:

Oil and gas Food processing, Biochemical processing, Medical, Steel, Paper, Sugar, Palm oil, Marine, Edible oil, Rice, Fertilizer. NCON Turbo Tech as Single Stage Steam Turbines are economical and reliable mechanical drives for Pumps, Fans, Knives, Compressors and Generators.

Our Steam Turbines are installed and running in various production, and are well known for its performance even at very low pressure.

NCON Advantage:

Overhung Rotor - Turbine Bearings, Pedestals & Expansion Arrangements are eliminated. This drastically reduces goods & maintenance costs, keep down mechanical losses and improves turbine efficiency.

Hybrid Carbon-Ring & Labyrinth - Combines the service life of site Seals and the sealing efficacy of Carbon-Rings resulting in a bullet-proof sealing system
Overhung rotor setup needs just one bunch of organ seals slicing steam misfortune through the organ vent by 50%. This improves thermal efficiency and lifts energy reserve funds altogether.

High-Speed Coupling Eliminated - Transmission losses are minimized in that way maximizing efficiency.

Continue to be, NCON's minimalistic plan philosophy, our Single Stage Steam Turbines offer more with less. It’s simple yet robust building assurance efficiency and uptime while being reasonable and accessible to industries of all sizes.

Also find us for Single Stage Steam Turbine manufacturers in India. Hire Us Today! For more info, Contact now. 

More Details: 

Email: [email protected] 

Call us to discuss: +91-8023151486

F-62 & F-63, Industrial Estate, Rajajinagar, Bangalore - 560044, India


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